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Run by husband and wife team, Babadooks vision is to offer a constantly evolving and eclectic mix of antiques and decorative pieces which will appeal to its UK and international client base.

Established to hone our creative drive to shape and direct the business as a go to destination for interior designers, decorators and private clients alike.


The Babadook online showroom houses a significant and representative selection of the stock that we hold. 

The question is often asked about the areas in which Babadook specialises. The answer is that whilst we have countries and periods that we are passionate about, we don't really claim to be specialists in a particular field......... we have learnt over many years that our clients come to us because we have such an interesting mix and one that often encourages and tempts clients to try something different.


Nothing is 'off limits' so you may find pieces that are a youthful 30 years old and pieces that are several centuries old but as desirable as they were at the time of their creation.

We are adding new stock daily onto our website and other social media channels and these have become an important part of our business and very effective tools for our clients


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